Golden House Rules

  1. Please don’t smoke in the cottages/hotel rooms and don’t throw cigarettes butts on the ground
  2. Make sure the cottage is clean and tidy when you leave
  3. Put your empty bottles in the PMD containers for glass, plastic and drink cartons*
  4. The rest of your trash and cardboard needs to go in the waste container *
  5. Check if the terrace furniture is complete and stands behind the cottages
  6. Do the dishes and put everything back clean in it’s place or fill the dishwasher, add a dishwasher tablet and turn it on
  7. Please remove the bed linen from the bed and put this together with the towels in the green bags, then leave the green bag in the hall
  8. Check no personal items remain in the cottages/hotel rooms
  9. Make sure the lights are off when leaving
  10. Hand in green/blue bracelets at reception at the end of your event
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